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Lead Finder Local is a complete Lead Intelligence System.

Offering fast prospect discovery, in depth business analysis and lead qualification, with multiple contact channels.


Offline Business Consultancy Services
Guides, Tutorials, Tools,
Templates and Useful Content

This page contains information, guides, tools and templates to help you deliver online services to local offline businesses. This new section will build over the coming months to a complete Consultant Services Center. Some service guides are free but we have also included many low cost, high quality, products to help you get and deliver profitable services.

Lead Finder Local Guide To Google My Business

Extensive step-by-step guide to Google My Business.



Lead Finder Local Guide To SSL

How to pitch your SSL service and implement SSL on any website

Local SEO

Providing SEO to Local Businesses Is One of The Most Profitable Services You Can Offer… And Now You Can Get Started Fast With This Powerful PLR Package!

Local Email Marketing And Lead Generationh3>Point… Click… And Have Killer, White-Hot Lead Gen
Funnels For Your Offline Clients Super Quick!
This Could Very Well Be the EASIEST way to Sell Email Marketing Services
to ANY local business in your Area!

Website Design

This is a Pre-Made PLR Package That Shows Local Businesses How to Turn Their Website From an Expense Into a Profit Center!

Online Reputation Management

Discover How to Boost Your Income With This Powerful PLR Package on One of the Hottest, Most In-Demand Services You Can Offer: Online Reputation Management!

Local Directory Management

Make Money Fast By Giving Away This PowerPoint Presentation to Local Businesses Who Are in Desperate Need of Marketing Help.

Facebook Ads

Providing Facebook Advertising Services to Local Businesses Is One of The Easiest Ways to Bring Them Highly Targeted Leads Fast… And Make YOU a Boatload of Monthly Residual Income!

Local Video Marketing

Providing Video Marketing Services to Local Businesses Is One of The Most Profitable Services You Can Offer…
And Now You Can Get Started Fast With This Powerful PLR Package!

Google AdWords

Most local businesses are CLUELESS when it comes to generating leads online. And they don’t want to do it themselves. They need help and expert guidance. That’s you!

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is NOT going anywhere. Every business needs effective marketing strategies to bring in customers but they most have no idea the value of using Google AdWords to do it.

Instagram Marketing

Get Instant Access to a Brand New Pre-Made PLR Lead-Gen Package You Can Start Using Immediately to Bring in High-Ticket Clients!