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Tony Marriott & Anthoni Gardner present…



The Complete Lead Intelligence System!

…..There are a whole bunch of “local consultant lead gen” products out there and I can say (’cause I’ve bought and used pretty much ALL of them) that this LFLv3 is the top of the heap……..DA







Any of these ring a bell?
  • I can’t find good local leads.
  • It takes so long to find good leads.
  • My leads never become customers.
  • I’d love to know more about my prospects but it takes too long.
  • I don’t know how I can stand out from the crowd.
  • Why should anyone hire me instead of my competitors?
  • How can I build trust with a prospect if they won’t talk to me?
  • I email but never get a response.
  • I phone prospects but no-one wants my services or even agrees to an appointment.
  • How do I get my foot in the door?
Helping local businesses to create or improve their online presence is
a highly profitable occupation.
If you know what you’re doing!

Most local business consultants simply scrape every source they can find for email addresses and send out bucket loads of generic emails in the vain hope that one or two might respond or even buy the services they are offering.

BE REAL people! Do you do business with complete strangers who clearly have no idea who you are, what you do or even what you want or need?

Of course not!

If you want to shine, if you want to stand out from the crowd, if you want to actually be successful as a local business consultant then you need to take that extra step.

You need to know your potential customer, know what they do, where they are, understand the state of their current online presence, you need to understand their needs and you need to turn all these into an approach that appears individual and personal.

You Need Lead Intelligence
You need to know all about every lead so you can be sure they are a potential customer. You need to show your potential customer that you are someone who really understands their needs.

When you have all the Lead Intelligence at your fingertips you will really shine through.
It makes you look professional, expert and above all credible.

Why not approach your potential customers fully armed instead of half cocked?

So instead of flooding thousands of leads with a generic offer, why not present an individual and personal offer tailored specifically to each prospective customer?

What do you think will happen then?

Your Conversions Will Go Through The Roof that’s what!
That’s why you need Lead Finder Local v3




Millions Of Businesses
Our software accesses millions of local businesses via the Google and other service provider APIs. This means a completely white hat and Google friendly solution. It also means a continually updating cloud based lead solution.

Over 240 Countries
Including, of course, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and all English speaking countries. Because of Google’s immense reach and databases we are able to supply leads from almost every country in the World

High Speed Search
Searches are pulled directly from Google via their official API so are very fast. The basic business details are delivered at high speed to your computer screen for review and adding to your main projects..

Full NAP Data
Using our proprietary ‘Build’ algorithm LFL generates a full NAP (Name , Address and Phone Number) data. This,is the verification data that Google and others use to identify and verifyunique businesses.

Social Discovery
LFL will discover associated social accounts like Google My Business , Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Social networks are crucial to local business and need to match their brand name.
This is valuable lead qualification information

YouTube & Video
Video marketing is massive right now, and very hot. LFL checks for a related YouTube Channel and also looks to see if the prospective web site is using videos on the home page. Selling local marketing videos is BIG and very easy to deliver.

A website is the heart of any bricks and mortar business’s online presence. LFLv3 will discover the website allowing you to visually assess it’s aesthetics, ease of use and sutability for the business. Further analysis can be done using the integrated external tools.

Edit & Manage
Business Records

All records in each business profile can be manually edited. This means you can do further research for additional or missing information. You can also add in personal and activity notes so you can always know exactly where you are with any particular business.


Unclaimed GMB Listings
Using our unique application plugin you can check for unclaimed Google My Business listing. Listing need to be claimed to be able to appear in the Google 3 Pack local listings. Being seen at the top of Google Local is a massive boost for any business.

External Analysis & Reporting
LFL integrates extensively with third party analysis and reporting tools enabling you to find more information about the businesses, the owners and their websites. You can use the reports generated to personalize your approach to your prospects and increase conversions.

Website Analysis & SEO
External tools allow for complete SEO analysis of websites, web site speed, Mobile friendly tests and SSL checks. Also discover exactly what the website is built with, what it is hosted on, and what CMS, themes and plugins it uses.

Business & People
Find out everything you need to know about businesses and their owners. A set of discovery tools for you to know your prospects. You can also validate email addresses to ensure they are real and working and protect you from spam traps.

Ads, PPC & Organic
Does your prospect run PPC ads or Facebook ads? What keywords are they actually ranking for? What keywords could they rank for? Find out their exact search ranking for specific keywords. This is your foot in the door for SEO and ad management services


Directory & Reputation
A bad online reputation can kill a local business. Find reviews from across the web for your prospects website. Of course the more business directories they are listed in the better. – BUT only if the entries are correct. Check their listings in all the top directories


Contact Details
LFL will discover all the contact details available. Including Email, Telephone and contact-us pages and of course the Street Address. Email address are hyperlinked to your email system and similarly Telephone numbers will integrate directly with any telephone (voip) system or mobile phone

Email Contact & Templates
LFL integrates directly with your own mailing application. You can create or use the default email templates supplied or creat your own. The templates allow for variables like business or owners name so allow you to personalize each and every contact.

Contact Us Forms
Many businesses offer a contact-us form on their website.
LFLv3 can identify and link directly to the contact form as a fast and reliable way of contacting your prospects.
Often a good way to pre-emp a phone call and add attachments to your contact message.

Mobile Phone & VOIP
Always a great way to contact your prospective clients and often the best way to close a deal is by phone. LFLv3 offers one-click calling integration for computer based VOIP system like Skype. It also offers one-click calling via any smart phones. Making fast and simple client contact.

So You Can Rapidly


  • Generate Local leads for any business type
  • Find Address and contact details
  • Identify and view business website
  • Check they have Google+ (GMB) pages
  • Check for unclaimed GMB Listings
  • Check for matching Facebook & Twitter
  • Check for matching LinkedIn & Instagram
  • Are they using video marketing?
  • Do they have a YouTube Channel?
  • See reviews for reputation management
  • Run SEO Reports
  • Run Google official Mobile Friendly tests
  • Check Page Load Speed & User experience
  • Perform a directory listing scan
  • Check Site security
  • Search For Business Owners
  • Verify email addresses
  • Analyse site traffic
  • Check for Paid ads
  • Run keyword reports and rankings
  • Identify backlinks and Off page SEO
  • Email and Templates Integration
  • One click mobile phone dialing
Checkout Some Screen Shots …
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See Lead Finder Local V3
In Action

Our Software Fixes Your Biggest Problem
How to get your foot in the door


Most wannabe business consultants simply email or phone as many businesses as they can offering their services.
These just merge with the hundreds of offers local businesses get every month.

Lead Finder Local v3 ensures that your emails and phone calls stand out from the crowd.

By understanding everything about each local business you can focus on obvious issues and offer the right solutions.


Do they have a Website? Is it WordPress? Is it Mobile friendly?
Is their website loading too slow?
What about a complete SEO analysis of their web site?

What keyword are they ranking for in Google?
What keywords could they rank for?
How are their backlink and anchor text profiles?

Is their site secure and free from malware?

Do they have social accounts? Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn?
Do they have a YouTube Channel? Do they have home page videos?
Have they claimed their Google My Business listing?

Do they have a good online reputation? Customer ratings & reviews?
Are they listed correctly in the top business directories?

You need a full picture of their online presence.

Generate SEO, mobile friendly, directory listing and review reports that prospective clients can actually see.

Offer to claim the business or create YouTube channel or Facebook page or offer local video for free or a small fee.

Build credibility and upsell other services.

Unclaimed Google My Business accounts,
non-Mobile Friendly web sites, no videos, no Facebook page and poor reviews are all the easiest ‘foot in the door’.
Selling local videos, building YouTube channels and Facebook pages are all easy to sell services and very popular.
(Local videos for all types of businesses can be purchased, personalized and sold on easily)
Creating and maintaining Websites and Social Network pages, SEO services and directory management services are all fantastic recurring products that your customers will love you for.
Generate Monthly Incomes by selling ongoing services.



Will Businesses Really Pay Me?

You can’t expect every local business to:

  • Keep up with technology, Understand social networks, Know about mobile sites.
  • Know how mobile apps can help their businesses.
  • Understand SEO.
  • Manage their citations.
  • Know their online reputation.
  • Be able to manage Google+, Facebook and Twitter & YouTube.
  • Keep up with a whole raft of “new technologies”.

In most cases they don’t even want to… Think about it! If you have any success online do you do all the work?

Of course you don’t. You outsource everything you can so you can focus on growing your business. That’s what real businessmen do!

I can tell you there are millions of real businessmen (and women) running real world businesses that will snap your arm off for some real help.

They just want to focus on their core business. What they are best at.

Can I Deliver Local Services?

Most local businesses probably realise they need help but they don’t know what to do…

They don’t know how to get it and they are probably worried about being completely ripped off by some nefarious internet fraudster who will lead them up the garden path and steal all their money.

If you already have the SEO skills (or can buy them in) or you know how to set up Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Mobile sites or even WordPress sites.

Or know how to find the training needed to do those tasks or outsource them. HINT, Warrior Forum, Upwork etc.

And you know it’s getting tougher to compete online even with your skills.

So, delivering what you already do, to people who actually want you do it and are willing to pay real money, beats the pants of competing with thousands of online marketers trying to sell fat loss pills and cures for acne!

What You Get With Lead Finder Local v3



Full Commercial Use Of Software
Use the data and create reports to impress prospective clients and get your foot in the door. Or sell research as a service to other consultants.

Fast Search For Business Details
Auto-complete a start locations using post code, numbers, towns, city etc. And set a radius up to 30 miles to laser focus businesses.

Search In Over 240 Countries
You can choose from 240 countries Including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Brazil and more.

Business Consultant Sites
Choose to add a set of highly professional local business consultant’s sites to you purchase. Look like a real pro to your prospects.

Integrated Email Contact
LFL v3 integrates with any email application and using email templates you can contact prospects from within LFL and tailor your contact to suit your prospective customer.

Access To Millions of Businesses
Legitimate api access means no proxies or any dodgy dealings. Just fast easy access to local businesses in over 240 countries.

Extended Reporting
Qualify your leads with one click check for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter accounts, Google + and claimed/unclaimed Google My Business listing.

Integrated With Third Party Tools
Test website for mobile friendly, page speed load, script validation and see how it renders on different devices. Scan local directory entries and third party reviews.

Export To Spreadsheet (CSV)
Export your search results to spreadsheet in CSV file to save or to import into other third party software.

Integrated Mobile Phone Contact
Phoning your prospects or customers is a breeze. LFLv3 integrates with any computer based VOIP like Skype. Or generate a ‘Mobile Calling’ page and use the built in power of your smartphone to contact your customers with one click.

What Real Users Say

I’ve been using Tony and Anthoni’s Lead Finder Local since day one and Version 1. Each time they come out with a new version I’m first in line to grab it, set it up and get it working. I now have used V1, V2 and V3 and all have shown a steady improvement in both usability and features… with Version 3 kicking the crap out of the previous versions. There are a whole bunch of “local consultant lead gen” products out there and I can say (’cause I’ve bought and used pretty much ALL of them) that this LFL V3 is the top of the heap. It has the MOST amount of features, most tools to use AND finds “local businesses that require assistance with multiple issues and now with V3 it even gives you a straightforward way of communicating to them AND can tell you what to say when you do. On top of that LFL V3 is one of the few “local consultancy lead gen” products that works in 240 different countries!

I make decent money just on simple Google My Business claiming/populating for clients that have no clue of how important this is… LFL V3 makes it dead-dumb simple to find, contact and then close clients on this quick sale (which usually gets me in the door for other higher dollar services).

I love LFL and especially this new V3 (handing/emailing a prospect a sheet with all the issues they have with their online presence is an AMAZING alarm bell)… it’s like a local consultant taking a cannon to a knife fight.

Daryl Austman

Greymouse Website & Local Business Marketing Services

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try Lead Finder Local Now For 60 Days Risk Free!
I’m fully confident that you’ll love Lead Finder Local on a whole new level. But you can try it out risk free for 60 days. If by any chance you aren’t completely satisfied, then send us a support ticket and we’ll give you a full refund.
Get Lead Finder Local v3 Today For ….


4.95 Trial

Then one payment of $47 after 5 days

Access 240 Countries
Access 240 Countries
Name, Address, Telephone, Website & Email Contact Search
Name, Address, Telephone, Website & Email Contact Search
Extended Reporting, Map Location & Street View
Extended Reporting, Map Location & Street View
Social Account Checks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Google+)
Social Account Checks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Google+)
Video Marketing and YouTube Channel Search
Video Marketing and YouTube Channel Search
Email Integration and Automation. Unlimited Email Template Storage
Email Integration and Automation. Unlimited Email Template Storage
Mobile Telephone Call Integration
Mobile Telephone Call Integration
Third Party Reports (inc. Mobile Friendly, Pagespeed Insights, Moz Local Directory Scan & Third Party Reviews, LinkedIn and Whois people search, SEO and Security analysis and more)
Third Party Reports (inc. Mobile Friendly, Pagespeed Insights, Moz Local Directory Scan & Third Party Reviews, LinkedIn and Whois people search, SEO and Security analysis and more)
Google My Business Unclaimed Listings (local cloud app plugin)
Google My Business Unclaimed Listings (local cloud app plugin)
Business Consultants Web Sites
Business Consultants Web Sites

You can cancel anytime before the end of your trial and make no further payment. After your trial period you will be charged a single fee of $47 for lifetime access.

LFLv3 is a computer and cloud based application and requires an internet connection to work.
LFLv3 is compatible with both Windows and MAC operating systems.

Google My Business unclaimed listing require the use of a ‘plugin’ that installs on your computer and is compatible with both PC and MAC. This is only available with the full commercial license.

LFLv3 does NOT scrape Google or break the T&C of that or any other online service. It does not use proxies. It only uses official API access to bring you a 100% legitimate service.

Over 240 countries and their languages are supported: These are defined by Google.

Moz and Yext directory listing reports only support USA and UK. and some other integrated external tools may also have country limitations.

LFLv3 is not affiliated with or endorsed by Google or any other online service.

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